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    K-Ion Nano Premium 7

    K-Ion Nano Premium 7 therapy glasses vintage style with a minimalist design. With a round frame (round frame) that adds to the impression of simple and stylish. The frame adopts TR polymer materials which are environmentally friendly, flexible and durable. The handle uses titanium with corrosion-resistant metal. Carrying ergonomic and lightweight design adds comfort to the wearer.

    The addition of a rubber temple sheath (temple tips) gives a sense of comfort when used. The thickness of the lens and the design of the rubber temple cover reduce the ear clamping force, making wear more comfortable. The addition of the K-Ion Nano logo on these glasses uses laser technology that does not fade easily.

    Negative ions emitted by K-Ion Nano Premium 7 can improve the immune system and strengthen bodily functions. Anions can also increase the supply of oxygen around the eyes so the eyes don't get tired easily and stay comfortable.

    Long-distance Infrared Ray (FIR) can seep into the body and cause a resonant force that is useful for widening the capillaries of blood vessels, blood circulation, improve cell function around the eyes, and help reduce the risk of eye health disorders.

    Color Options:
    Green Army

    Blue ray anti lens = absorbing and reflecting blue rays that damage the eyes. Based on the spectrometer test shows, K-Ion Nano Premium 7 lens is able to block an average of 40% negative effects of light and blue light bands so that it is more effective at protecting the eyes

    Anti-UV rays = protect the eyes from the negative effects of harmful ultra violet rays so they can slow the aging process

    Anti Fog (fog) = protect the vision when fog or steam, when the lens is exposed to fog or steam it will quickly disappear. Safe and comfortable in all conditions

    Maintain eye health
    Helps refresh eyes