K-Ion Nano Premium 5

The K-Ion Nano Premium 5 health glasses are made of unique Thermoplastic Rubber (TR) materials with nano technology. These glasses can emit Anion energy (Negative Ions) and Long Distance Infrared Ray (FIR) in the form of nanoparticles that are good for eye health.

Negative ions emitted by K-Ion Nano Premium 5 can improve the immune system and strengthen bodily functions. Anions can also increase the supply of oxygen around the eyes so the eyes don't get tired easily and stay comfortable.

Long-distance Infrared Ray (FIR) can seep into the body and cause a resonant force that is useful for widening the capillaries of blood vessels, blood circulation, improve cell function around the eyes, and help reduce the risk of eye health disorders.

Color choice:

● Black - Black

● Black - Purple

● Black - Pink


● Anti-radiation lens (blue ray) = absorbs and reflects blue light which can damage the eyes

● Anti-UV rays = protect the eyes from the negative effects of harmful ultra violet rays so that they can slow down the aging process

● Anti Fog (fog) = protects vision when in fog or vapor, when the lens is exposed to fog or vapor it will quickly disappear. Safe and comfortable in all conditions.


● Menjaga kesehatan mata
● Membantu menyegarkan mata