Antivirus Products

Antivirus Products

Platinum Propolis is a liquid propolis without alcohol that originates from the country of Brazil and is known as the best green propolis produced in the world. The difference in color on propolis such as brown, yellow, green shows the difference in quality.

Propolis contains high levels of flavonoids, which help boost the immune system. Flavonoids are plant components that have high quality antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

● Antibacterial Activity
Propolis is famous for having high quality and natural antibiotic activity. Propolis can effectively inhibit the growth of bad bacteria, fungi and viruses. Based on research conducted by health experts, they agreed that propolis is strong enough to inhibit the growth of harmful micro-organisms.

● Antivirus Activity
Health experts find that propolis is effective in stopping the activity of viruses in the salivary glands, including type A and type B viruses that cause flu, corona viruses and other types of viruses.

● Anti-fungal Activity
Propolis extract can inhibit the growth of 17 types of fungi on the skin. When used together with antifungal drugs, it has a better antifungal effect.

● Cytotoxic Activity
Propolis has a very large cytotoxic activity against cancer cells including cancer cells in the nose, uterus, breast, kidney, large intestine, and others. The main activity of Propolis is that propolis selectively kills cells that are not normal and will not cause toxic effects on normal cell growth.

● Antioxidants
The content of flavonoids in propolis has antioxidant strength and has been proven to fight free radicals and protect fats and other components such as vitamin C from damage and oxidation processes. And another possibility that Propolis has an anti-aging effect and prevents cell damage.

● Activating Enzymes and Anti-inflammatory
Propolis is proven to stimulate a variety of enzymes, cell metabolism, circulation and collagen formation, and accelerate the healing process in burns.

● Propolis 3.60 ml

Other ingredients are
● Amino acids
● Minerals
● Vitamins

How to use:

● Adults: 2 x 4-5 drops / day before meals dissolved in 250 ml of water.

● Children: 2 x 2-3 drops / day before meals are dissolved in 250 ml of water.

Mix with warm water or juice drinks.

Can be dropped on the nose and under the tongue, applied to an infected wound or on the face for acne.

Attention: Not eye drops

● Large packaging: contains 5 bottles @ 6 ml


● Single package: contains 1 bottle of 6 ml