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K-ionspec Regular

The eye is a soft and very sensitive organ. Everyday eyes are exposed to a threatening danger. Pollution dust, sunlight, blue light / blue light from gadgets, as well as poor reading habits, to the most frequent visual impairments include: nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, cataracts, glaucoma, dry eyes and so on. WHO data states that every 5 seconds 1 person experiences blindness. But in fact 4 out of 5 cases of blindness can be prevented.

Now K-Link is present by presenting a new generation of health glasses today. in the form of a new look and innovation and the latest technology. K-ion nano is here to take care of your eyes, with a more elegant Box design, updated technology, unique Thermoplastic Rubber material that makes K-ion nano more flexible and colors will not fade. Nano K-ion also contains negative ion energy and long-range infrared light along the handle of the glasses, this is to increase energy. Increase metabolism so that it refreshes the eyes. Reduces fatigue in the eyes. Increasing the supply of oxygen and blood circulation around the eyes.

K-ION NANO REGULAR Is A Therapy Glasses That Can Emit Anion Energy (Negative ION) And Long-Distance Infrared Ray (FIR) In The Form Of Nano Particles That Are Very Good For Eye Health

K-ION NANO REGULAR Glasses, there are 4 color choices:

1. Blue

2. Red

3. Black

4. Money


Frame Width 14.7cm, Frame Length 14cm


Thermoplastic Rubber (TR)